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Charter Focus: Tasting Italy with D.P. Monitor (Part 2)

Super Yachts Charters - Tue, 03/26/2019 - 12:00
Charter Focus: Tasting Italy with D.P. Monitor (Part 2) Foodies of the yachting world should consider chartering D.P. Monitor for a mouthwatering gourmet itinerary in the western Med. The local experts at Flying Charter will take you on a gastronomical adventure spanning authentic Neapolitan pizza to the sumptuous produce of the region’s vineyards...

Day Four: Positano
Positano is a picture-perfect village of vibrant cubiform buildings clinging to the cliff face. A day here should be spent perusing the artisan boutiques and buying a pair of hand-woven sandals, before heading to Il San Pietro as the blue sky gives way to dusky orange. This restaurant has one of the most beautiful terraces in the country and serves fish so fresh you can taste the sea salt.

Day Five: Cetara
This idyllic coastal village has a niche speciality: anchovies. Cetara leads the region in the deliciously salty delicacy. Almost all the restaurants here offer anchovies in various manifestations, but the best places to sample are Refettorio in Conca Dei Marini, an eatery located in a renovated monastery, and Rossellinis in Ravello, which is tucked in the rock face overlooking Amalfi.

Day Six: Capri
A day spent in Capri should entail swimming beneath the Faraglioni and soaking up the rays on a rugged beach at La Fontelina, with a pitcher of ‘vino con le percoche’ (white wine and local peaches) close at hand. For dinner, head to the town of Anacapri, which resides just on the other side of the Capri Mountain. Here, two-Michelin-starred restaurant L’Olivo takes the region’s gastronomic staples and reimagines them into exquisite works of art.

Day Seven: Ischia
Ischia is a volcanic island off the coast of Naples, whose sunbaked terrain makes for a large number of vineyards. The most famous regional wine is Biancolella - enjoy hearty amounts of this fruity, almond-tinged white at a tasting in a local cellar, before dining in the ‘enchanted garden’ of two Michelin-starred restaurant Danì Maison.

Refettorio, Cetara Il San Pietro, Positano Il San Pietro, Positano DP Monitor Refettorio, Cetara L’Olivo, Capri

Lleweni Parc expedition week 2

Booker Gliding - Sun, 03/24/2019 - 21:20
The new arrivals seem to be having a lot of fun, Richard says: 'Amazing day here with the ridges working behind and beyond the North Wales GC and also bizarrely underneath the Liverpool CTA'. Here are some of the day's pics:

Max waiting to launch
Patchy ridge
If you concentrate you will see the airfield
Coastal sunset

Lleweni Parc expedition week 1 round up

Booker Gliding - Sun, 03/24/2019 - 21:08
After the late wave on Wednesday, Thursday was less exciting as the wind didn't do its stuff. However, there is always something to try, and several people flew. Maddi converted to the ASW19 - 'before' and 'after' pics below:

Teeth gritted
Well done, MaddiOn Friday the wind blew, and bounced over Snowdon giving us some lovely wave - plus a fair amount of bounciness in the circuit, not a problem for Aboyne veterans. Local CFI Chris got away early and climbed to FL195 over the Conway estuary, those launching a bit later were affected by the approaching cold front, but not before having a lot of fun exploring the coast up towards Llandudno.

Abergele seen by Maddi and Jim in 315
John and Nick in KSM took a look at the Great OrmeRolf had a bit of an adventure and picked himself a nice field a few miles south of the airfield. All was well and the team soon fetched him back.

Good choice
Rolf and the teamOn Saturday the Week 1 team hitched up and headed back down south after an excellent week. Many thanks to CFI Chris and Tug Pilot Les for getting us off the ground, and to Richard for keeping us all in order.

Waving in Wales

Booker Gliding - Wed, 03/20/2019 - 20:23
Yesterday we rigged the single seaters and tried the ridge, which didn't work too well as it was affected by local wave. Later in the day the wave became more workable and KSM had a good flight.

River Clwyd
The seaEvening sunToday started calm but after lunch the wind got up and with it the wave and lots of people had a lot of fun. 315 with a brace of Jims on board made it as far as Bala.

Odd angle on the local bit of the ridge
Nice bit of wave
Moonrise over the ridge

Booker's Spring Expedition

Booker Gliding - Mon, 03/18/2019 - 18:27
The journey up here was a bit taxing because of the wind - in fact Simon had a bit of difficulty getting out of the trailer park.

Dodgy valve - task for a no-fly dayOn Saturday the rain was horizontal and it was tricky standing upright, the stream running past the airfield is now flooded and the airfield itself is a tad marshy.

Water water everywhereSunday was still fairly breezy but the ridge was working well and everyone had check flights, with excursions out to sea at Prestatyn for some.

Happy Jim...
...and Maddi

The turbo Eurofox got us off the ground

Prestatyn sunset

Treasure at the end of the rainbow
After a long day the team met for dinner at the Llindir Inn in Henllan which gave us strength for another day.

Today the wind was too light for the ridge to work and showers spoilt the fun a bit but there were more check flights and a bit of fettling so we are ready for tomorrow.

Weather Observations from N Wales

Booker Gliding - Sat, 03/16/2019 - 09:52
Uneventful journey up punctuated by two fabulous stops:

http://www.mughousebewdley.co.uk/1) The Mug House in Bewdley. Lovely pub right on the Severn by the bridge in the middle of Bewdley. Sorry, nowhere to park a trailer but awesome pub grub.

2) The Corn Mill at Llangollen. Old water mill on the Dee which was in full flood. Now a pub with grub and a fabulous pot of tea. https://www.brunningandprice.co.uk/cornmill/

Now to the weather: Last night it blew a right hooley with dog sized drops of rain. Still a bit blowy but clearing up as I speak. No flying today so off to the seaside!

View from our kitchen windowSee you later...

Friend of Bray Lake (FOB)

Water Sports Braylake - Thu, 03/14/2019 - 05:28

The biggest change for us last year, and no doubt you too, was the integration of a new booking system. Introduced to help us better manage our customer and membership data base and fulfil our GDPR responsibilities. 

From the start of 2018 everyone using the Lake has had to register as a ‘Friend of Bray Lake’. This ensures that everyone has signed the terms and conditions and that we have emergency contact details and any medical info that we might need.  Thank you for bearing with us whilst we sorted a few teething issues which have now been sorted.

Our Friend of Bray Lake registrations…

Sail Away the Blues

Water Sports Braylake - Thu, 03/14/2019 - 05:28
Windsurf Club

January has started off the sailing year in great form bringing us some much longed for wind. Our new skill focused sessions have been popular with a regular group attending each week taking advantage of some free coaching. It is great to see our windsurfers improving week by week and they will soon be challenging Frostie and Andy for top windsurfer. Here are the sessions we have coming up in February,

  • 2nd February – Tacking upwind & downwind
  • 9th February – Windsurfing tune up with Andy…

Learn to Windsurf for FREE

Water Sports Braylake - Thu, 03/14/2019 - 05:28

With our roots in sailsports, particularly windsurfing, we are offering a special chance to get more people into this great sport during our anniversary year. If you, a partner, or friend have ever wanted to try windsurfing this is a great opportunity to give it a go. Once a month (March – October) we will be running our RYA Start Windsurfing session 1 course free of charge. This session will provide an introduction to the sport and teach the basic skills. Call us now on 01628 638860 to book your space and avoid disappointment.

There are two options available which are detailed below:


Charter Focus: Room to Breathe Onboard India

Super Yachts Charters - Wed, 03/13/2019 - 13:00
Charter Focus: Room to Breathe Onboard India Flying Charter presents M/Y India, a classic 35m that will be taking lucky guests on unforgettable charters from mid-May. This luxury 1982-built yacht displays all of the hallmarks of quality that come with a Benetti build, striking the perfect balance between plush interior and airy open deck spaces.

For her manageable 35.4m, India is a yacht that provides room to breathe. The aft deck dining area is shaded by awnings for leisurely lunches and starlit dinners, whilst her chic walk-around deck gives a true feeling of space. Meanwhile, a custom water sports platform offers direct access to the sea from the aft deck.

Stepping onboard India, guests are greeted by a stately interior. The main deck yields a comfortable saloon with a dining area and a beautiful full beam owner's suite. Below resides a stylish VIP en-suite as large as the owner’s stateroom, along with two convenient twin cabins. 10 guests are able to enjoy the luxurious facilities, and all are served by  flat-screen televisions and satellite TV.

M/Y India is also fully equipped with all the latest yachting technology, including Vosper underway stabilisers which make her eminently stable and seaworthy. She is expertly maintained by a crew of 7, overseen by professional yachtsman of nearly 20 years Captain Bruno Todisco.

This stunning Benetti is located in the Amalfi area, although her owner is very flexible on deliveries. India represents a once in a lifetime luxury yacht charter, interested parties should contact Flying Charter.

Charter Focus: Room to Breathe Onboard India Charter Focus: Room to Breathe Onboard India Charter Focus: Room to Breathe Onboard India Charter Focus: Room to Breathe Onboard India Charter Focus: Room to Breathe Onboard India Charter Focus: Room to Breathe Onboard India Charter Focus: Room to Breathe Onboard India Charter Focus: Room to Breathe Onboard India Charter Focus: Room to Breathe Onboard India Charter Focus: Room to Breathe Onboard India Charter Focus: Room to Breathe Onboard India Charter Focus: Room to Breathe Onboard India Charter Focus: Room to Breathe Onboard India Charter Focus: Room to Breathe Onboard India Charter Focus: Room to Breathe Onboard India Charter Focus: Room to Breathe Onboard India

Charter Focus: The Glam Capital of Dubai

Super Yachts Charters - Tue, 03/05/2019 - 10:00
Charter Focus: The Glam Capital of Dubai For the last ten years the Persian Gulf States have been pouring their oil riches into tourism, and are fast replacing the Western Mediterranean as the glam capital of the world. As the tourist industry mushrooms, Middle Eastern yachting has followed suit, now representing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for chartering...

Characterised by a striking high-rise skyline, bustling commercial infrastructure and a host of millionaire and celebrity residents, Dubai is the fastest-growing Emirate in the region.

The country is designed for cruising. The archipelago city is easily navigable by yacht, and 49 miles of natural coastline, as well as three offshore island groups (‘The World’, ‘Jebel Ali Palm’ and ‘Palm Jumeirah’), means a sumptuous beach frontage of 930 miles. The water is also home to the fishing, pearling and general trades that have long sustained the people of the Gulf States.

Aside from being an exceedingly yacht-friendly area, Dubai yields a wealth of dry-land amenities. Once you have docked your charter yacht, resorts such as Atlantis the Palm, Five Palm Jumeirah Dubai and the Waldorf Astoria guarantee a world-class stay. After settling in, the exploration of this dynamic playground can begin. Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, is a must see, whilst the Dubai Mall is home to an indoor theme park, an ice rink, a huge indoor waterfall and the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

The Dubai Fountains are a choreographed dancing water show with jet streams stretching 150m into the air, whilst Adventure Waterpark makes for an adrenaline filled and action packed day out. Finally, for a break from the high-octane glitz and glamour of the city, visitors can experience the real heart of Dubai by stepping into the old town’s winding waterways and souks at Dubai Creek.

Chartering a yacht to Dubai will doubtlessly entail some serious relaxation, and meandering through the urban beach district is one of the most leisurely ways to pass a day. The Beach opposite JBR has shopping, dining and an open-air cinema, as well as DJs pumping out tunes on weekends. Kite Beach, meanwhile, satiates those with a thirst for adventure with facilities for a multitude of watersports.

Dubai is a marina biosphere, an aquatic gated community, a theme park the size of a small country... We at Superyachts.com can think of few more fascinating places to charter a yacht.

Search for your perfect Dubai charter here.

M/Y Hanaa Charter Focus: The Glam Capital of Dubai Photos Courtesy of the Dubai Media Office Photos Courtesy of the Dubai Media Office Photos Courtesy of the Dubai Media Office

How to improve your cross country performance

Booker Gliding - Wed, 02/27/2019 - 12:53
Following on from Jim's excellent Psychobabble lecture last week, Nils and Jeremy will be discussing flight planning, analysis and boosting performance. Discussions will be centered around some of Nils' great flights last year and we will looks at analysing the data obtained to see how we can use it to improve our x-country performance. We will also look at how to put flights on the ladders and why it helps the gliding community, and us to have fun together in our club.See you thereNils Wedi and Jeremy Gilbey

Not quite the UK but it does make one want to get in the air again

Booker Gliding - Tue, 02/26/2019 - 20:10

Charter Focus: Exploring the West Med With Andiamo

Super Yachts Charters - Wed, 02/20/2019 - 14:00
Charter Focus: Exploring the West Med With Andiamo As winter perseveres, chartering a yacht in some of Europe’s sunnier regions becomes a beguiling prospect. Currently cruising the balmy waters of the western Mediterranean with Hill Robinson, Andiamo represents the perfect escape from the February blues.

Baglietto build Andiamo, which was delivered to new owners during the summer of 2018, represents a contemporary twist on the classic Italian profile. She cuts an impressive figure, with Francesco Paszkowski’s signature clean lines and innovative architectural features such as reverse angled wheelhouse windows.

A perfect charter vessel, opportunities for relaxation abound onboard Andiamo. A vast 140m² sun deck features a unique infinity pool with a waterfall, as well as an area served by a barbeque and bar for the ultimate in al fresco dining.

The 48m displacement is further equipped with a beach club that skims the surface of the water, with fold-out balconies that bring the superyacht experience even closer to the water, yielding gorgeous panoramas that would be unachievable from other angles. Andiamo’s original calling as a family cruising yacht is apparent - ample lounging areas are matched by a tender garage bursting with exciting water toys.

Her indoor spaces are just as rewarding, with fantastic luxury extras including a cinema - the perfect way to wind down a long day of sunbathing, swimming and socialising. The Baglietto build is notable for her onboard comfort; warm, chic and contemporary are achieved by precious wood including lacquered ebony and oak, luxuriously finished in onyx and leather. She can accommodate 12 guests across a VIP cabin, two double cabins and 2 twin cabins.

The craftsmanship of this Andiamo exemplifies its Italian heritage - her Francesco Paszkowski-curated exterior and interior is a beacon of the quality vessels for which the region is celebrated. We cannot think of a better way to explore the sumptuous climes of the Mediterranean.

Charter Focus: Exploring the West Med With Andiamo Charter Focus: Exploring the West Med With Andiamo Charter Focus: Exploring the West Med With Andiamo Charter Focus: Exploring the West Med With Andiamo Charter Focus: Exploring the West Med With Andiamo Charter Focus: Exploring the West Med With Andiamo Charter Focus: Exploring the West Med With Andiamo Charter Focus: Exploring the West Med With Andiamo Charter Focus: Exploring the West Med With Andiamo Charter Focus: Exploring the West Med With Andiamo Charter Focus: Exploring the West Med With Andiamo

The Perfect Valentine's Charter Destinations

Super Yachts Charters - Tue, 02/12/2019 - 11:00
The Perfect Valentine's Charter Destinations Love is in the air this week, and if you’re stuck for an original idea to celebrate Valentine's Day, why not consider a romantic yacht charter? Here are our top picks for an intimate, impulsive getaway...

1. Cote d’Azur
Sipping champagne on the French Riviera is a failsafe option for old-school romance. Here, glorious natural beauty is counterposed by chic seaside enclaves buzzing with glamorous resorts and swanky restaurants. And why choose between the exclusive glitz of Cannes, the haute couture of Saint Tropez and the sumptuous eateries of Antibes when a West Med yacht charter can take you to all of them?

2. Italian West Coast
A charter beginning at the Italian Riviera and stretching down to the Aeolian Islands will yield unbridled beauty. The Tuscan Archipelago is a rustic paradise crystallised in time, whilst Corsica’s rugged terrain blazes with year-round sunshine. Sardinia, meanwhile, is an arcadia of rolling hills dotted with lemon groves. The soaring cliffs, crumbling villages and cerulean sea of the Italian coast is the perfect joint experience.

4. The Caribbean and Bahamas
A Caribbean or Bahamas charter is laid-back affair to be enjoyed at a different pace of life. Days are for languishing away, whilst evenings buzz with the infectious rhythm of the steel drum. Whether you’re cruising the crystal waters of the Exumas or enjoying the powder-sand beaches of the Leeward Islands, the region represents the perfect opportunity to put life on hold.

4. French Polynesia
The South Pacific is a less-chartered destination, but one which is gaining ground. White beaches, technicolour reefs and water of the most intense aquamarine make up the distinctive allure of French Polynesia. However, whilst the famous overwater bungalows are the luxury honeymooner’s dream, the hibiscus-flowers-and-grass-skirt vibe of Tahiti, Bora Bora and Tonga makes for an authentic island-living experience. 

5. Antarctica
If you are one of those couples who consider Valentine’s a hallmark holiday, why not book a yacht charter that speaks to your unconventional nature? Antarctica is a near-deserted continent of hulking icebergs, glittering shores and striking natural beauty. On the itinerary is Deception Island, a collapsed volcano that forms a natural harbour, Paradise Harbour, a spectacular glacier befitting of its name, and Lemaire Channel, a narrow waterway snaking between Antarctic cliffs. One thing is for certain: it will be memorable.

Abaco, The Bahamas Antigua, Leeward Islands Tahiti, French Polynesia Sardinia, Italy

Charter Focus: Burgess Presents Va Bene

Super Yachts Charters - Tue, 02/12/2019 - 09:00
Charter Focus: Burgess Presents Va Bene If you are thinking of chartering this year, Burgess might just have the yacht for you. At 47.8m the Kees Cornelissen built vessel, Va Bene is a perfect specimen for chartering - large enough for the luxe experience but small enough for intimacy.

Up to 12 friends and family can join you onboard Va Bene in what is sure to be an experience that you will treasure for years to come. Cosy communal areas, an expansive sun deck and an attentive, friendly and expert crew set the wheels in motion for the ultimate charter adventure.

Listed with Burgess, the yacht is notably family friendly, with a large selection of water toys, RYA qualified instructors and themed entertainment evenings ensuring that there is never a dull moment onboard. However, she also caters to the grown-ups, with versatile guest areas transforming into sophisticated settings for eating, socialising and entertaining.

With an outward appearance designed by The A Group and interiors masterminded by H2 Yacht Design, Va Bene has a striking silhouette. Built in 1994, her recently re-fitted spaces feature a timeless design of pale, limed wood to optimize the abundance of natural light which pours in, resulting in a light, airy and non-oppressive interior. With a separate dining room and large al fresco dining area on the aft deck, Va Bene prioritises both casual and formal communal settings.

Where the yacht really has the edge is in the wealth of entertainment facilities and extra features. The sun deck is able to transform into a dancefloor with a state of the art sound system, and also boasts a six-person jacuzzi. The aft section, meanwhile, entails a barbeque and vast sun pads that can be cleared to make space for gym equipment. Va Bene’s versatility also makes her a great yacht for charter - the full beam master cabin has a private study which converts to a children’s cabin with a pullman berth.

Va Bene will be cruising to the Mediterranean this summer, and Burgess are open to enquiries for winter charters.

Charter Focus: Burgess Presents Va Bene Charter Focus: Burgess Presents Va Bene Charter Focus: Burgess Presents Va Bene Charter Focus: Burgess Presents Va Bene Charter Focus: Burgess Presents Va Bene Charter Focus: Burgess Presents Va Bene Charter Focus: Burgess Presents Va Bene Charter Focus: Burgess Presents Va Bene Charter Focus: Burgess Presents Va Bene Charter Focus: Burgess Presents Va Bene Charter Focus: Burgess Presents Va Bene Charter Focus: Burgess Presents Va Bene Charter Focus: Burgess Presents Va Bene Charter Focus: Burgess Presents Va Bene Charter Focus: Burgess Presents Va Bene

319 joins Virgin Atlantic for a day

Booker Gliding - Sat, 02/09/2019 - 23:18
The club's ASW19 took part in Virgin Atlantic's Future Flyer and Exceptional Engineers event at their headquarters at Gatwick today.

The objective of the event is to "inspire children and young adults to showcase the amazing opportunities available to them by sharing our wonderful world of aviation".

Organisations supporting the eventOver 800 people attended the event over the course of the day with opportunities to fly Virgin Atlantics Airbus simulators, try out their training escape slides, meet and talk to various aviation related organisations and crucially sit in a real glider and find out about gliding. 319 was a popular attraction with a constant steam of 'future flyers' throughout the day.

319 on display in front of Virgin Atlantic's training rigs
Highlight of the event had to be Maddi giving a group of Virgin Atlantic pilots a very practical lesson in weight and balance....
Maddi's take on "Catch me if you can"

help us inspire tomorrow’s talenhelp us inspire tvarious’s talen

Windsurfing holiday in paradise: 10 best Caribbean windsurf spots

Windsurfing - Fri, 02/08/2019 - 12:55

Looking for a windsurfing holiday in paradise? With enchanting islands, warm waters, beautiful beaches, steady winds and friendly locals the Caribbean fits the bill. But what are the best Caribbean windsurf spots? It would be ever so easy to rattle off a top 10 based on visitor numbers or Google search...

The post Windsurfing holiday in paradise: 10 best Caribbean windsurf spots appeared first on AWE365.

The Must-Sees of Miami Yacht Show

Super Yachts Charters - Thu, 02/07/2019 - 13:00
The Must-Sees of Miami Yacht Show From February 14-18, the biggest and best in boating flock to Florida for the annual Miami Yacht Show. This year, household names in build and brokerage will be docked along the glittering coastline in a turnout of epic proportions. If you are lucky enough to be living it up on the east coast, make sure to catch these beautiful boats…

At 95.2m, Kismet is one of the biggest boats in show, as well as one of the most impressive. This custom Lurssen is the product of the collaboration of a host of award winners, including interior designer Reymond Langton and exterior stylist Espen Oeino. A specimen of uncompromised perfection, Kismet is known for her graceful silhouette and ‘Champagne and Caviar’ themed spaces. She is presented at the show by Moran Yacht and Ship.

Excellence V
Available for sale and charter with Burgess, 60.9m Excellence V will also be at the upper end of the size spectrum at Miami. However, Reymond Langton curated spaces work with sweeping exterior lines to create the interior volume of an even larger boat. This Abeking and Rasmussen build has everything that you would expect of the regarded German shipbuilder: class, quality and capability.

Merle Wood & Associates bring this graceful 57.3m build to the shores of Miami - a timeless yacht which was originally built in 1986 and benefitted from a 2016 reift. The chic De Voogt naval architecture of this luxury Feadship won her a finalist position in the 2017 World Superyacht Awards, and is bound to stir interest at the show.

Lazy Z
Exhibiting with Burgess, this 51.4m build is a yacht of considerable capability. Since leaving the Oceanco shipyard in 2013, Lazy Z has gone through multi-million dollar refits in 2015 and 2017 which brought the yacht up to scratch mechanically and in terms of her design. The Baron Gurney/The A Group exteriors and Richard Hein interiors are well worth a look.

Available for sale and charter with IYC, Kinta was built in the Prokestan/Turquoise shipyard in 2008. This 54.6m yacht is a shining example of the pedigree coming out of Turkey in recent times, and a standard bearer for the emerging market. A stunning 2011 refit by Jean Guy Vergas made Kinta into a completely new yacht - she now epitomises contemporary and sophisticated interior style, and is certainly one of the major players at Miami Yacht Show.

Kismet Excellence V Kinta Minderella

Charter Focus: Around the World on Lili

Super Yachts Charters - Wed, 02/06/2019 - 12:00
Charter Focus: Around the World on Lili Imperial Yachts introduce Lili: The Amels 55m embarking on a round the world charter tour. We speak to CA Julia Buklina, who reveals how this ambitious superyacht is redefining charter standards and what vessels like Lili mean for a shifting industry.

Lili began her circumnavigation in mid-December of last year in the Maldives, and will be cruising the Indian Ocean and the Seychelles until April. She then plans on heading to Thailand, before making her way to the Mediterranean for the summer of 2019. Finally, a year after her embarkation, she will cruise to the Caribbean - the best place to be during the bleak winter months.

Having ticked off many of the time-honoured cruising idylls in 2019, 2020 will be a year of adventure, with Lili setting out for some of the world’s less-chartered recesses. “Costa Rica or Ecuador already pinned on the map,” Julia tells us, “She will then cruise north during spring 2020 and explore Alaska through the summer, before heading south and visit the Pacific in August 2020.”

With trips planned in French Polynesia and Fiji, the preliminary plan for winter 2020/2021 is to scale the Oceanic continent until hitting New Zealand waters. Llittle explanation is needed as to why a Lili charter is ideal for those seeking new sensations at sea - not content with exploring just one far flung region, she is heading to all of them.

So why the need for cruises like Lili? According to Julia, the charterers of today have more exotic ambitions than their predecessors. “More and more clients are looking for unconventional and unusual places for their holidays. We’re seeing an influx in enquiries for wild and remote destinations,” she says.

Lili was the perfect boat for the job. She is, first and foremost, eminently capable of completing the task at hand. Julia elaborates on the aptitude of the Amels 180 model for the ambitious tour: “She was customized following the wishes of our client, and the result exceeds expectation.”

“Her layout is very unusual for an Amels 180,” Julia continues, “Lili has 6 cabins with two masters - one on main deck forward with private folding-down balcony, one on the upper deck aft with a private aft deck terrace, and four guests rooms.” An abundance of outdoor space means room for a 4m counter-jet swimming pool, whilst cosy indoor spaces entails a gym and cinema.

Lili also boasts a friendly crew, including a host of multi-skills specialists including a talented chef and an expert spa professional. Full diving equipment and seasoned dive instructor are also at the disposal of guests, who are able to explore the diverse depths of the unique waters that Lili will be cruising.

“With all these elements combined, Lili represented the perfect opportunity to push the boundaries and satisfy the enquiries of the most demanding charter guests,” Julia concludes. The 55m is bound for a stunning couple of years and we can’t wait for updates on her progress, as well as the progress of an industry teeming with a new demographic of charterers pushing the boundaries of traditional cruising.

Lili is available for charter.

Charter Focus: Around the World on Lili Charter Focus: Around the World on Lili Charter Focus: Around the World on Lili Charter Focus: Around the World on Lili Charter Focus: Around the World on Lili Charter Focus: Around the World on Lili Charter Focus: Around the World on Lili Charter Focus: Around the World on Lili Charter Focus: Around the World on Lili Charter Focus: Around the World on Lili Charter Focus: Around the World on Lili


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