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First Saturday in September and some excellent weather

Booker Gliding - Sat, 09/02/2017 - 21:20
It was a busy day today, with instructors kept very busy flying students while the single seaters set off on a Handicapped Distance task.

Meanwhile the marketing team was at White Waltham with the sim, invited by West London Aero Club to take part in their Members' Day, a charity fundraising event. We spent the day introducing power pilots to use of the rudder, and to spinning.

Start 'em young
We had a grandstand view of the various displays by interesting aircraft, rounded off by our own Emily Collett flying aeros in her Extra (Emily started her flying career in gliders at Booker).

A clutch of Tiger Moths Back at Booker, the evening was enlivened by a Virgin balloon 'landing out' the wrong side of the airfield hedge.

Ooops! The customers had to get out and push.....

The retrieve

31 August. A perfect day for Maddi Roberts to go solo.

Booker Gliding - Fri, 09/01/2017 - 08:14
A day for dodging showers. Towering cumulus aooeared as soon as the sun got to work.

A busy day on the airfield with one serious downpour at lunchtime.

Bob Smith made many trial lesson visitors very happyas they flew with dramatic cloudscapes. Tobi O'Brien and his family all flew as didGraham langley and Martine Hutchinson.

Welcome back to Terri Clements, who spent time today getting back into the groove.

 Well done Maddi, solo today---perfect landing too!
 Mike Shepherd preparing to get to grips with that dang aerotow, if only the tug would keep still.

Meanwhile Jane and John Wood spent the day with us, enjoying the sun and Richards attention as their instructor.
 Wilf explained that his Blue fronted parrot enjoys "scrunched up" cuttle fish. Its amazing the things you learn on a sunny airfield.  Wilf has now realised the parrot is able to scrunch the cuttle fish up itself--saves a job!

Lets hope September (thats tomorrow) brings some more good weather.

30 August A wet day at the club---but it is still busy

Booker Gliding - Thu, 08/31/2017 - 08:00
Low cloud and light rain dominated the weather for most of the day.

That didnt put off James Giles who is determined to complete his bronze C this year (and about time say some). The classroom work included exam preparation and a review of the oral test for the bronze C.

The afternoon session was focussed on field selection and field landing
Richard acting out the field landing during his fascinating talk.

Weather is set to improve tomorrow----hooray

29 August. Rocky is prepared for any weather

Booker Gliding - Wed, 08/30/2017 - 08:14
Good news a Silver medal for Tim, everyone at booker is proud of his achievement.

A busy training day at the airfield, and thanks Steve for your help.

Denzil completed his last day of the course with another superb landing well done Denzil, we hope to see you again. Denzil lives in Goa so doesnt pop in that often.

Maddi is now working solidly to get solo during her break. The day for her finished with a very well executed launch failure simulation.

Maddi getting ready for a training flight.

A steady flow of pupils, the soaring conditions improved later in the day, but too late to tempt the local pundits.

The evening group took over late afternoon,

Rocky wanted to make sure he didnt get wet if we had an unexpected rain shower!

The ned of anither great day.

National Geographic Launches “We’re Wired That Way” Series Exclusively for Facebook’s Watch Platform

National Geographic News Feed - Tue, 08/29/2017 - 14:44

National Geographic Launches “We’re Wired That Way” Series Exclusively for Facebook’s Watch Platform

Launched Today As Second in a Series of Three Original Shows For Facebook, “We’re Wired That Way” Aims to Tell the Fascinating Story Behind All the Things that Make Humans Uniquely Human Through a Combination of Video, Graphics and Narration

In its continued quest to seek out innovative approaches to social media, National Geographic today has announced the premiere of “We’re Wired That Way”, a new and original series available on Facebook’s Watch every Monday. The series follows the launch of Nat Geo WILD’s “Safari LIVE”, in which expert guides take viewers on daily action-packed safari experiences through the wildernesses of South Africa and Kenya, showcasing iconic species like elephants, lions, leopards, giraffes, wildebeest and more. . “We’re Wired That Way” deconstructs the fascinating story behind some of the most unique traits and habits that make us human through rich data visualization, graphics, and irrefutable science. Join National Geographic Explorer and submarine pilot, Erika Bergman, as she explores such questions as: How does our body heal and can we regenerate body parts? Why do we find it appealing to kiss someone else’s germ filled mouth? What are puppies cute but reptiles repulsive?

Check out the series trailer HERE.

“As the most followed brand on social, including Facebook, one of our goals is to focus that influence on creating experiences that turn our yellow border into a yellow portal,” says Jonathan Hunt, Senior Vice President of Audience Development and Digital Strategy. “Exploration is at the core of what makes us human and it’s National Geographic Explorers like Erika Bergman, and premium series like We’re Wired That Way, that are helping audiences better understand themselves by decoding all the things that make us, us.  We’re excited to be working with Facebook to experiment on Watch and to continue to grow our community on Facebook.”

The five series episodes, which range in length from 4 to 6 minutes, include:

Why We Lie on Aug. 29

Science of Cute on Sept. 4

How We Heal on Sept. 11

Why We Kiss on Sept. 18

Why We Cry on Sept. 25 


Series Credits:

EVP Digital: Rachel Webber

SVP of Digital Strategy and Audience Development: Jonathan Hunt

Executive Producer: JP Polo

Producers: Dave Gedney, JP Polo, Jack Eddy

Director: Dave Gedney

Writers: James Introcaso, Miellyn Barrows

Director of Photography: Jack Eddy and Nicholas Donnelly

Host: Erika Bergman

Editor: Ryan Ciliax

Lead Graphic Designer: James Crothers

Animator: Jennifer Smart 


For press images, please click HERE.

Ant Baker interview: Top spots & gear tips from windsurfing pro

Windsurfing - Tue, 08/29/2017 - 12:20

If you windsurf then we are sure you’ll appreciate this Ant Baker interview from back in 2013. Winner of successive British Slalom Association titles, he toured on the pro circuit for 8 years – and returned to the scene in 2014. Ant Baker interview: Top 6 achievements In case you don’t know...

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